Code Reference

Below is a list of codes we use in our catalogs. If you have any questions about our products, or these codes, we always welcome your phone calls at 1-800-613-2657.
ACP -Adjustable Spring Load Clip-on
AP -Acrylic Lens w/ Gradient tint color
AR -Anti-Reflection Lens
CM -Color Mirror Coating Lens
CP -Clip on
CP -Color Plastic Lens
CY -Cylinder lens
FG -American flag
FL -Floating frame
FM -Flash Mirror Coating Lens
G -Goggle Glass
HAT -Visor Design
HM -Flashing Mirror Lens
KM -Kid's Metal Frame
KN -Kid's Nylon Frame
KP -Kid's Plastic Frame
KPF -Kid's Glass w/Flip-up
KSG -Kid's size Swimming Goggle
M -Metal Frame
MC -Metal W/Fiber cloth cover
MC -Multi-Colors Lens
MCRV -Multi-Coating Revo style Lens
MP -Metal & plastic combination frame
MSG -Driving Lens
N -Nylon Frame
ND -Night Driving Lens
P -Plastic Frame
PC -Polycarbonate Frame/ Lens
PM -Mirror Coating Lens
POL -Polarized Lens
POL/1.1 -1.1mm Polarized Lens
RE -Reading Glass
RS -Rhinestone design
RV -Revo styles coating Lens
RRV -13 layers multi coating Lens
SD -Super Dark Lens
SGRE -Swimming Goggle w/Reading (-200 to -500)
SM -Spider web design SP - Spring Hinge
ST -Stainless steel frame
STS -Safety Glass
XDF -Photo chromic lens