Private Label Wholesale Eyewear – What you Need to Know

Private Label Wholesale Eyewear – What you Need to Know

Are you looking for a unique way to present your brand to the world? Do you need a new way to get people to see your company for a better reputation? Private label products are one way many companies expand their offerings and give customers access to a variety of items.

You can find these goods online and in many stores and discount malls. The products offer several advantages for new firms and existing brands that want to branch out and build a larger customer base.


When you go to the grocery store, you might find a few options when purchasing granulated white sugar. One of the sugars might be a store-brand product. This sugar is an example of items a manufacturer makes for another company that does not currently have the product. The same grocery store might have similar items for sale under the company name like toilet tissue, cereal, pasta, tea bags, or bread giving consumers a discount for purchasing store-brand items.


If you want to offer a unique product to your customers, then you might want to consider private label eyewear.  Glasses can be useful for brands that want to give custom gifts or for companies that want to brand and resell.


When you have a company goal of improving the bottom line or adding a certain number of loyal customers, then it is important for your brand to be visible. One way to achieve more exposure is to use custom products to generate positive conversations about your company. We can tailor private label eyewear to meet your company needs with visible logos, colors, and designs that appeal to your clientele.


By purchasing private label eyewear, you can choose specific styles and color schemes. We offer various designs for you to select from, but give us a call to discuss any ideas.

Exclusive designs let you reach profit goals with more control over price ranges and design selection.


This advantage is especially helpful for small businesses. Finding fun and creative ways for your company to stand out in a sea of other firms is vital to staying competitive. When you offer products that no one else has, your customers will come back.

Funky color patterns and innovative styles get people talking about the sunglasses and in turn, your brand. The more conversation your product creates, the more word-of-mouth advertising you get for your company.


As your brand awareness expands, so will your profits. Adding new lines of products lets your customers access more things in one place. For example, a surfboard company might find adding custom towels, private label sunglasses, personalized tote bags, and branded sunscreen appeal to more than surfers.


When you need exclusivity to build your name and get the most out of your company, then purchasing products like private label readers or sunglasses can be a huge help. Since you are creating a niche product, there is very little competition. Lower production costs mean more profit. Private labels are often cheaper to manufacture because these products come in bulk quantities saving shipping and processing costs. When you want to offer a high-quality sales item, a unique product, or gift sunglasses to company employees and sales representatives, then eyewear is a visible and viable choice for expanding your brand and bottom line.

Asia Pacific Trading Company offers private label services to our wholesale customers looking to provide their own brand to their clients. From the selection and sourcing of the right products to the private label packaging, we can help you find the right solution for your company or organization.

Let us know if you have any questions or reach out to one of our private label specialists.

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