Reading Glasses are the Fastest Growing Category in Eyewear

Reading Glasses are the Fastest Growing Category in Eyewear

Did you know that reading glasses are the fastest growing category in eyewear? The reading glass category has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. Reading glasses are quickly becoming a necessity as well as a must-have accessory for the nearly 76 Million Baby-Boomers in the United States who are aging into this time of life.

About 60% of Americans are far-sighted; they have trouble reading or sewing without glasses, but can focus well at a distance and fourteen percent of Americans use non-prescription glasses for reading. This leaves a huge and growing market-share for the savvy retailer who is able to capitalize on the new trends and deliver readers that their customers are proud to own and wear.

Here at Asia Pacific, we are staying on top of all the newest colors, frame shapes, and most importantly, all the new lens technology (advancements) that are occurring in our industry – including our newly added line of multi-focal reading glasses and computer reading glass lenses.

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